The right place

"The right place is that one where our body and mind are in armony with the surroundings"

This site try to encourage the geobiology and bioconstruction in Murcia's Region. It is a web where you could know the factors, naturals and artificials, capable to alter your rest and health. Even you could learn how to detect them by yourself and the way to neutralize as much as possible.
We also offer these services (mainly in Murcia and Granda:

  • Geobiology and bioconstruction courses
  • Geobiological researchs (home, sites and offices)
  • Energetic Certificate
  • Building restoration
  • Comprehensive development of building proyects (Documentation, drawings, site management, estimates...)
  • Technical advice in "autoconstruction"
  • computer graphics and video 3D
  • Web design
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